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Market problem: Our kids spend lots of time in online world playing video games or watching YouTube channels. Kids lose concentration and their fine motor skills; imagination and fantasy weaken. They let others entertain them selves.

PIXIE CREW solution: PIXIE CREW connects the kid's online world with their offline world through variety of products which can be designed with small colorful silicone pixels. Kids can create their heroes or any other images and have them anytime with them through the day.



Creativity development

Creativity development

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills

Strengthen memory

Strengthen memory

Replicate the template

Replicate the template

A Little More About PIXIE CREW

Frequently Asked Questions

It´s so easy, grab a pixel and push or twist it onto the silicone panel where it stays in place thanks to the Pixie-Lock system.

After attachment the PIXIES are highly stable, disattachment occurs only in the case of severe bending or hard scratching of the panel. The item is made for you to be able to continuously change your design.

We produce creative backpacks, shoulder bags, pencil cases, wallets and other school supplies and fashion accessories mainly for children. Our products differ from others having a patented silicone plate on which children can assemble an image from pixels.

Guaranteed. And it is not only safe, our products develop children's creativity, imagination, fine motor skills and many other abilities and skills. Also give you potential to design and create your own ideas on everyday items.

Definitely. Just go to our PIXIE CREW Editor website, choose some of our products and test creating your own idea on it. Yes, the app is free of charge.

Here it is. Just go to PIXIE CREW Gallery and check what others made with our pixelated products. Everyday different, creativity at your fingertips.

How it works? PIXIE CREW

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Creativity Apps

Test your idea first.
Free for your inspiration

You can use our PIXIE CREW Editor (online web application) to see how your creative idea looks like on our backpack, pencil case or pouch.

And get some inspiration using our PIXIE CREW Gallery website. See what other buddies created using Editor or in real world.



We are based in EU, Prague.

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Czech Republic

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